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During his time working in some of the most respected advertising agencies in the world, Bruce Adlhoch saw an opportunity to create a new kind of creative team. His vision was to bring talent from big agencies to create a smaller, nimbler and more responsive agency—one that, in his words, “thinks big and moves fast.” Financing solutions from Banc of California enabled Bruce to seize opportunities, which empowered his success.

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About Bruce Adlhoch

Bruce Adlhoch runs a successful ad agency in Los Angeles and has built an impressive client list over the past 20 years. Adlhoch Creative needs a bank that is responsive to the fast-paced and dynamic advertising world. “The nature of our business creates a cash-flow scenario that would scare away most banks and lenders,” Bruce says. “Banc of California is always there for me with exceptional service and the financing I need.”