Empowering Family Businesses to Grow and Achieve Their California Dreams

“Family is the key. We are a California business. That’s the reason we went with Banc of California—to have that local family feel.”
– Lance Coury Sr., CEO, Setwear Products

Having already owned a business in the entertainment industry, one day Lance Coury Sr. came up with an idea for a new line of safety products for TV and movie production crews. Shortly thereafter, Setwear Products was successfully launched and providing quality safety equipment to production crews. Looking to expand his product line beyond entertainment, he developed safety gear for workers in the construction and oil and gas industries. Setwear Products has now built a loyal following among crews that appreciate a quality product, made specifically for them.

Empower Your Business Today

“I’m always creating new products, and it’s exciting. I look forward to going to the office every day. I am doing what I want in life. Having Banc of California there to help me grow makes it that much easier.”

– Lance Coury Sr.