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Our Banc of California Accounting clients have access to innovative banking and lending products, paired with exceptional client support, to help them manage yearly and unpredictable cash flow cycles and grow through their investment objectives. We understand how important it is for them to be able to leverage their tax-time receivables all year long, so we work with them to easily facilitate access to, and manage, their business funds to plan for year-round fluctuations.

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Healthcare Professionals

Each of our Banc of California Health Care clients has innovative banking and lending products, paired with exceptional client support to help their office manage cash flow cycles and financial objectives. We become a convenient and seamless part of their office processes so they can focus on patients instead of banking.

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The Entrepreneur is the lifeblood of capitalism. They have a vision for what’s possible and take the risks to make it happen. Entrepreneurs have special needs and Banc of California understands them. Our decision-makers are entrepreneurs themselves, so we view a company’s founder as an asset as much as anything on its balance sheet. Our simple, flexible offerings give entrepreneurs the freedom to focus on growing their business instead of sweating over their banking.

Featured Client

Victor Saldamando
CEO, Saldamando & Associates

Victor Saldamando is a driven leader and entrepreneur who focuses on grooming, growing and financing young companies. As a business consultant, angel investor and venture capitalist, he helps people make the right decisions for their businesses. Victor made the right decision himself at the age of 19 when he founded his own company, TLC Landscaping, and invested the time and resources necessary to jump-start his career. Victor now works with dozens of companies around the world, and he trusts Banc of California to be there when he needs them most. “Todd, my Relationship Manager, is a great representative of the bank. Whenever I’m out of the country and I need something, I can always send him an email or a text and he is on the spot, making things happen.”

“My passion is taking a company and making it the very best that I can. My relationship with Banc of California means that I can focus on other companies while they focus on mine.”

– Victor Saldamando




Our Law Practice clientele know that Banc of California stands behind them with specialized products and services for both themselves and their firm. Our Relationship Managers have attorney-specific tools and accounts that help to guide them to the next step in growth and financial security while assisting them with managing client funds and building their practices.

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Business Owners

Business Owners are the driving force behind our communities. They provide vital products and services as well as jobs. Today, many business owners and entrepreneurs believe part of their mission is to give back to the communities they serve. When a bank looks at its Business Owner clients as partners in building communities instead of product consumers, businesses grow, communities are enriched, and dreams become reality. That benefits everyone from the entrepreneur to the employees to the customers to those touched by social outreach.

Featured Client

George Burrola
Owner, Aloha Printing

George Burrola knows the importance of staying local in support of his community and his clients. After graduating from USC, George and his father, Ruben Burrola, acquired their small printing business in 1988. They saw the potential of growing the company by providing a quality service with integrity and community involvement. George supports his local community through many worthy organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club and Rotary Club of San Marcos. George also appreciates his local bank. He respects Banc of California and his Relationship Manager for the wealth of knowledge and personal attention he receives.

“I’ve just been really pleased with the relationship that I’ve been building with the bank. From the ability to make deposits with our deposit scanner, to being able to strategize with a bank that is in touch with the community and my business needs, it’s refreshing.  A large part of our success is the result of being involved in our community. It’s important to do business with companies who give back to the community.”

– George Burrola


Real Estate Investors

As the financial institution of, by and for California, we know the unique complexities of the California real estate market. Whether acquiring, building, expanding or refinancing, Real Estate Investors have a committed financing partner at Banc of California—with the expertise to help them every step of the way toward achieving their goals.

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Our Entertainment clientele know Banc of California as the place they can make their creativity come to life. Whether they are in television or film, music or theater, we grant them access to flexible products and services to help them realize their vision.

Featured Client

Rick and Bentia Telles
Producer/Writer/Director, Brass Ring Entertainment

Rick Telles is an Emmy Award nominated television director and executive producer with a string of hit TV shows to his credit including MTV’s Road Rules and The Surreal Life. After 25 years in the television business both in front of and behind the camera, he values relationships as the key to getting things done. He needs a bank that will work with him, not just his balance sheet, to keep the cameras rolling. When networks are late with their payments, he knows Banc of California has his back. That allows him to spend time thinking about his next great idea, not worrying about making his current one a reality.

“I need to appeal to a lot of people. Good ideas won’t do that. Great ideas will. It’s hard to have great ideas when I’m stressing about cash flow and meeting payroll. My relationship with Banc of California means I don’t have to stress.”




The fiduciary relationship is founded on trust. A fiduciary always puts the client and the client’s interests first. Banc of California knows that as a fiduciary your clients are your equity capital, so we give you the tools to serve them. Our versatile products and focus on relationships allow our private bankers to create simple, elegant options for fiduciaries and their clients. That gives them the freedom to tailor solutions that fit their clients’ needs.  Banc of California works with our Fiduciary clients to provide flexible specialized accounts, products and services to safeguard their funds so they can fulfill their unique fiduciary requirements.

Featured Client

Harry Veldkamp
CEO/Co-Owner, Polycomp Trust Company

For over 27 years, Harry Veldkamp has been delivering performance. As the CEO and co-owner of Polycomp Trust Company, he has built one of the largest privately held third party retirement account administrators in the country. Mr. Veldkamp’s goal is to help business owners and individuals save tax dollars and maximize retirement savings. As the custodian of over 3,300 self-directed IRAs, he needs a bank that takes care of him so he can take care of his clients. Banc of California shares his passion for reliable performance and measurable results.

“My clients trust me to administer their retirement accounts. I have to be super responsive. Banc of California is my bank because whatever the situation is, they always get it and they always get it done. They support us in fulfilling our motto of delivering performance.”


Family Offices

A family office is the financial nerve center for the dynastic wealth of a family. The office handles everything from investments to taxes to future planning for the sole client. Along with guiding the family’s financial decisions, the office also educates the family on those decisions. Banc of California’s customizable products, streamlined process and focus on relationships gives a family office the tools and information needed to navigate its many options.  We offer a strong portfolio of specialized banking and lending products for discerning Family Offices who want to be able to offer their clients flexibility and provide the utmost discretion in preserving and protecting their reputation, security, and privacy.

Featured Client

James Parks
Executive Director, CBIZ MHM, LLC

James Parks is a trusted fiduciary and advisor with over 40 years of experience in diversified tax and litigation consulting as well as business management services to clients in the entertainment industry. He also serves on the boards of many prestigious learning institutions including the Board of Leaders at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. Mr. Parks relies on Banc of California to provide concierge service at a moment’s notice to his diverse group of family office, business and entertainment clients. The flexibility and simplicity of our offerings means Mr. Parks can stay one step ahead while keeping the focus on his clients and their goals.

“Business moves quickly. You’ve got to be able to keep up. Banc of California works at my speed and they always get the job done.”




An important economic driver, our Restaurateur clientele know that we understand every facet of their banking challenges and support them through cyclical cash flow cycles, scaling a business for growth, equipment and real estate financing so they can continue to grow and create a place in the community.

Featured Client

Giacomino Drago
Owner, Celestino, Il Buco Ristorante, Il Pastaio, Il Segreto, Panzanella Restaurant, Piccolo Paradiso, Shu Sushi House Unico, Via Alloro and Yojisan

Giacomino Drago, one of L.A.’s top chefs and the co-owner of nine different restaurants, is best known for his ability to merge the culture of Los Angeles with the flavors of homemade Sicilian cuisine. Coming from the small town of Galati Mamertino in Sicily, he watched his mother knead dough into pasta, simmer tomatoes into sauce, and press olives into olive oil. Each ingredient picked fresh from their garden. Giacomino maintains this same attention to detail in the people he chooses to do business with. At Banc of California, his Relationship Manager of many years simplifies his banking and she, like Giacomino, shares a passion for satisfied customers.

“Opening a restaurant is easy. Maintaining it is hard. True success comes with finding a great team and working with a great bank. Banc of California simplifies my life and remains consistent, so I can be present to watch over and grow my business.”

– Giacomino Drago

Community Partners

Community Products

Banc of California is working in partnership with business and community leaders to strengthen and revitalize our communities.


Community Partners

Banc of California works in partnership with Business and Community Leaders to empower, strengthen and revitalize communities all across California. As the only full-service, midsize bank focused exclusively on California, we look to meaningfully impact California’s diverse communities and enhance thousands of lives.

Featured Partner

Mercedes Morton – President, Board Chair
Los Angeles Conservation Corps

Mercedes Morton is passionate about entrepreneurs whom she views as innovative, courageous, and the engine of our economic growth. After graduating from Stanford Law School and working for two top law firms in Los Angeles, she changed her career path to balance her time between practicing law, family, and serving others in the community. Now her titles include sole owner and practitioner of a law firm focused on entrepreneurs, coach to her children’s soccer team, and President of the Los Angeles Conservation Corps (LACC), an organization providing at-risk youth opportunities for success through job skill training, education and work experience in conservation and service.

“Work gives people pride but education is what opens up people’s minds. Those are the two things I’m passionate about.”

– Mercedes Morton

Educational Institutions

With unparalleled support for Educational Institutions, Banc of California understands the challenges educators have with their budgets, increased demand, and requirements for sufficient infrastructure to support it all. We offer competitive banking and lending services with flexible financing to keep up with frequent changes so our clients can continue to provide exceptional learning environments for their students.

Featured Client

Ofelia Valdez
Principal, New Horizons Charter Academy

Ms. Ofelia Valdez discovered education by accident and like many young teachers, she fell in love with the work, retiring after 37 wonderful years in the profession. When our client, Dr. Susan Kumar, began New Horizons Charter Academy, she wanted the best leader for the school. Board Member and former Special Education Superintendent, Donnalyn Jacque-Anton knew exactly whom to hire–Ofelia Valdez, charming her out of retirement to mentor New Horizons’ teachers and give them the tools to develop young minds. Today, New Horizons Charter Academy is a model for progressive, inclusive education where every child receives the education they so richly deserve, and Banc of California is there to support the school’s extraordinary vision of a better education.

As a new teacher turned principal, I enjoy the camaraderie of working with my staff. My students are now instructors and the school is my classroom. Each lesson plan reinforces that education is a difficult journey, but one that we embrace.

– Ofelia Valdez


Non-profit Organizations

Community Products

Banc of California is working in partnership with business and community leaders to strengthen and revitalize our communities

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Non-profit Organizations

At Banc of California, we focus on building strong, one-on-one partnerships with Non-profit Organizations. We access dedicated support teams to assist in training and supporting our Non-profit partners to facilitate both long-term and daily banking needs.

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Featured Partner

William Figueroa
Director of Programs, Los Angeles Team Mentoring

William Figueroa pours his heart and soul into mentoring at risk youth in underserved communities. Growing up in a tough neighborhood, William learned to persevere through all the pressures of bullying, gangs, and drug abuse. He stayed focused and did well in school with the support and positive influence of an afterschool youth program.

Today, William is the Director of Programs for Los Angeles Team Mentoring (LATM), an organization that guides middle school students to recognize and reach their full potential as members of their community. LATM is also a respected community partner to the Banc of California.

William understands firsthand what it’s like to walk in the shoes of the children he mentors each day. He has come full circle, making him an exceptional role model for kids struggling to overcome challenging circumstances.

“That’s a huge accomplishment for me, to get these kids on the path to college in middle school. They’re already ahead of the curve before they even walk into high school. The kids change you. You think you’re impacting them, but they’re really impacting you. Sharing just a little bit of your time can help them live a life of infinite opportunity.”

– William Figueroa