Environmental Statement

The State of California is a leader in the drive toward clean, renewable energy and greater efficiency in how we use it. At Banc of California, we acknowledge our responsibility to incorporate sustainability in how we conduct our everyday business practices and operations. We also understand that by adopting environmentally responsible business practices, we can create long-term value and growth for our clients, communities, and stockholders.

While development of our sustainability initiatives is managed within different areas of the organization, our Facilities department is primarily responsible for its execution.

We are already taking action to help power a brighter future.

  • Our corporate offices are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-Certified.
  • Our Bank-owned headquarters has an EPA Energy Star Certification score of 85. This designation means that our headquarters building is more energy efficient than 85% of similar properties nationwide.
  • We have electric vehicle charging stations available for employee use, and third party use, at our headquarters.
  • We reduce our carbon footprint by:
    • providing transit subsidies for group and public transportation.
    • investing in technologies that enable remote and hybrid work environments.
  • We reduce paper waste in landfills by:
    • utilizing print optimization processes and encouraging e-signatures when possible.
    • promoting online banking, paperless checking options and electronic statements for clients.
    • partaking in a corporate recycling program.
  • We conserve natural resources by e-wasting our end-point IT assets when they reach their estimated useful life or no longer supported by the manufacturer.

We aim to operate our business in environmentally conscious ways by incorporating climate-related considerations and risks into certain aspects of our processes and operations. Banc of California continues to develop ongoing climate-related risk analysis for environmental events, such as wildfires and floods.

This statement is made available to our organization to create awareness about our commitments and to be transparent and accountable to our stakeholders.