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Dr. David Amron, MD, has been a leading dermatologic surgeon in Beverly Hills for more than 20 years. He and his wife, Jessica, founded The Roxbury Institute to reverse the “commodification” of aesthetic medicine by focusing on a comprehensive approach to aesthetics and wellness – treating their patients on the inside as well as the outside with highly personalized treatment plans that deliver exceptional results.

“First and foremost, The Roxbury Institute is about caring for our patients and their well-being,” comments David. “As in business, you are also caring for people’s lives, their livelihoods, dreams and aspirations.”

Rena Alekperova, David and Jessica’s Relationship Manager at Banc of California, knows the importance of empowering clients’ dreams and building strong relationships that have impact. “The Roxbury Institute has a worldwide reputation for excellence. They count on us for solutions that empower their business, and I strive to deliver whatever they need,” adds Rena. “Most recently, the bank provided a credit line that they used to build a new health, beauty and wellness center in Beverly Hills, which then allowed them to expand their business and add a wellness education component. They have also benefited from a variety of financial services, including personal and business banking accounts, loans and investments.”

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The Roxbury Institute has become a leading destination for discerning clients from across the globe seeking to optimize their external beauty and internal health. It combines innovative health and wellness programs, state-of-the-art surgical procedures, world-class facilities and well-respected clinical brands. The Institute also performs research and clinical trials and has plans to become an international training center for new technologies, lipedema and high-definition body sculpting.

“Rena truly does care. I appreciate the guidance and attention that she shows both Jessica and me.”

– Dr. David Amron

Relationship Manager

Rena Alekperova

Vice President

Community Banking Branch Manager

Banc of California

Rena Alekperova has been the Branch Manager at the Pacific Palisades bank branch since 2013. Her clientele includes Dr. David Amron and his wife, Jessica, owners of The Roxbury Institute in Beverly Hills. Rena met David and Jessica through David’s father, also a business owner. Because of that family connection—and a strong partnership built on exceptional service—she began working with the second generation of Amrons, while watching the third grow up.

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Rena Alekperova