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“Family is the key. We are a California business. That’s the reason we went with Banc of California, to have that local family feel.”

– Lance Coury Sr., CEO, Setwear Products

As a California-based entrepreneur and business owner, Lance Coury Sr. knows something about seizing opportunities. He owned a sign-painting business for the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. One day, he envisioned an idea for a new line of safety products for TV and movie production crews. “I integrated the need for customized safety gear with products used in motocross. I thought, let’s make something cool for them.” His innovative thinking led to the successful launch of Setwear Products.

Tien Nguyen is the Branch Manager in Pasadena for Banc of California. He provided Lance with personal and business banking accounts and lending to empower his business. He also supported him with exceptional personal service. “Anytime Lance needs answers or support, he can call my cell phone, at any time of day. He knows I’ll be there for him. That’s what separates Banc of California from other banks. It’s the strong relationships we build to empower and grow our clients’ businesses.”

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Setwear Products

Lance Coury Sr. noticed that professional motocross riders, including his son, Lance Coury Jr., wore their own custom, high-quality gloves and safety gear. He applied that same idea to the entertainment industry and the safety gear worn by production crews and formed Setwear Products. Looking to expand his product line beyond entertainment, he developed safety gear for workers in the construction and oil and gas industries. Setwear Products has now built a loyal following among crews that appreciate a quality product, made specifically for them.

“I’m always creating new products, and it’s exciting. I look forward to going to the office every day. I am doing what I want in life. Having Banc of California there to help me grow makes it that much easier.”

– Lance Coury Sr.

Relationship Manager

Tien Nguyen

Vice President

Community Banking Branch Manager

Banc of California

Tien Nguyen manages the Banc of California Pasadena branch office. As a Branch Manager, he develops strong partnerships with local business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and create jobs in the community. He is committed to anticipating what banking products his diverse clients need, and he strives to deliver exceptional service for all of their personal as well as business banking needs. Tien is proud of the relationship Banc of California has developed with David Oberg, whose law firm provides legal and business services to entrepreneurs. David often refers his own clients to Tien for personal and business banking services. Tien has also created a close working relationship with entrepreneur Lance Coury Sr., one that allows Lance to develop new products and seize business opportunities, knowing Banc of California is there to support his California dream.

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Tien Nguyen