Kimberly Michel

Managing Partner, Michel Financial Group

West Los Angeles, CA

Kimberly Michel is a consummate professional and spokesperson for the insurance industry. She was elected the first female President of the General Agent and Manager's Association in 1995, and again as the first female President for the Los Angeles Insurance and Financial Advisors Association in 1999. After working for competitors, she and her husband joined forces to start Michel Financial Group, a comprehensive insurance and financial services firm.

Ask Kim what matters most to her and she'll tell you it's all about family, community and the positive impact she has in people's lives. As a cancer survivor, she has experienced firsthand the benefits of being prepared and having the peace of mind of knowing she could focus on healing.

That's also why she chose Banc of California. "They are warm and welcoming, and they get it. They know what's important in life. They are part of the community."


Business owners are the driving force behind our communities. They provide vital products and services as well as jobs. Today, many business owners and entrepreneurs believe part of their mission is to give back to the communities they serve. When a bank looks at its business owner clients as partners in building communities instead of product consumers, businesses grow, communities are enriched, and dreams become reality. That benefits everyone from the entrepreneur to the employees to the customers to those touched by social outreach.