Harry Veldkamp

CEO/Co-Owner, Polycomp Trust Company

Woodland Hills, CA

For over 27 years, Harry Veldkamp has been delivering performance. As the CEO and co-owner of Polycomp Trust Company, he has built one of the largest privately held third party retirement account administrators in the country. Mr. Veldkamp's goal is to help business owners and individuals save tax dollars and maximize retirement savings. As the custodian of over 3,300 self-directed IRAs, he needs a bank that takes care of him so he can take care of his clients. Banc of California shares his passion for reliable performance and measurable results.


The fiduciary relationship is founded on trust. A fiduciary always puts the client and the client's interests first. Banc of California knows that as a fiduciary your clients are your equity capital, so we give you the tools to serve them. Our versatile products and focus on relationships allow our private bankers to create simple, elegant options for fiduciaries and their clients. That gives them the freedom to tailor solutions that fit their clients' needs.