Business Online is the advanced and flexible online cash management system available. Using its powerful tools, you’ll save time, improve your cash flow and streamline your cash management processes, all in a very secure environment. Automated banking is available 24/7.

Personalizing and Using Your Home Screen

The HOME screen puts you into the driver seat. You can easily personalize it to show the information you want to see.

  • You can remove any element that has a CLOSE icon by either:
    • Clicking the icon
    • Dragging and dropping the element into the Trash
  • TASKS show you any items that need your attention, such as Pending Approvals, Secure Messages that are awaiting your reply, User Lockouts that require resetting and Missed Payments that have gone past the cutoff time. Click on each notification to go straight to the screen, where you can take action on the item.
  • ACCOUNT SNAPSHOT provides the Current and Available Balance for each account listed. Using the Settings, you can choose up to five accounts to display. For each account, the Column Icon allows you to turn the Current or Available column on and off. Account Details are also available from here.
  • PAYMENTS CALENDAR shows payments that are scheduled for each day of the current month. Click on the date to display the Payee and Amount of any payment scheduled for that day.
  • QUICK TRANSFER lets you easily move funds from one account to another. Stop Check allows you to request a Stop Payment on an issued check.

Accessing Your Account Information

ACCOUNTS displays the details for each of your authorized accounts.

  • Select an account from the drop-down to view its information. Below you’ll see the transactions for the selected account.
  • Select a transaction to view its details.
  • Select the column icon to customize which columns appear in the list.
  • To search for a specific transaction or type of transaction, type the information you’re looking for (e.g., date, description or amount) and make internal transfers right from here.
  • Use HISTORY to open a detailed transaction search and search your transaction history by date, amount, check number and transaction type. You can then use the ACTIONS menu to download, export or print your results.
  • When finished, click the BACK arrow to return to your previous accounts page.

Executing Transfers

TRANSFERS is where authorized employees manage their internal transfers—moving funds between accounts and reviewing their recent and upcoming transfers.

  • To transfer funds, select the account the funds will be drawn from, the account they’ll be moved to, the amount, date of the transfer and an optional memo for any information you’d like to store with the transfer.
  • If your transfer should repeat, select the frequency and the specifics for handling future transfers, such as when to make the transfer, the duration and a name for your recurring series. When finished, Save.
  • Review your transfer. If everything looks correct, complete it. If asked to authenticate your identity, type your password.

Your transfer is now complete. If the transfer is scheduled for today, it is added to your recent transfers. If the transfer repeats or is scheduled later, it is listed under upcoming transfers. Circular arrows indicate recurring transfers. Clocks indicate the transfer is scheduled.

From here you can view the details, make changes or delete the transfer. If it repeats, you’ll have the choice of canceling the next scheduled transfer or canceling the entire series.

Making Payments

PAYMENTS is where authorized users manage the money they send to other companies and financial institutions—making payments and managing payees.

  • From MAKE A PAYMENT, authorized users can make payments such as wires and online bill payments and review recently made payments and upcoming payments that are later scheduled.
  • Circular arrows indicate recurring payments, while Clocks indicates the payment is scheduled. From here they can review a payment’s details and then make changes or delete it.
  • PAYEES is where authorized users create and manage their payee profiles, including companies, people and employees, and specify the types of payments each payee is allowed to accept. Select a payee to review its details.
  • PAYMENTS provides flexibility and controls to help simplify your company’s expenses.

Stopping Checks

You can easily issue a stop payment request on a check and review previous stop payments that have recently been issued.

  • To submit a Stop Check Request, select the account the checks were drawn against.
  • Indicate if this is an individual check or a range of checks. For an individual check, provide the check number and, if possible, the amount, date written and payee.
  • Select the reason for stopping the check and review the request details. If the details appear correct, complete the request. You can look for recent stops by providing the check number and account to search.

Setting Up Alerts

ALERTS is where you set up notifications that will automatically be sent to you when certain account events happen.
Under ACCOUNT ALERTS, you can be notified anytime a selected account ever becomes overdrawn.
In PAYMENT AND TRANSACTION ALERTS, notifications can be sent anytime a transaction fails, is successful, missed or when a transaction occurs that is awaiting your approval.
SECURITY and FRAUD ALERTS lets you know when a user has been created, record modified, locked out or when your password has changed.

To set up alerts:

  • Select the alerts that are important to you and submit them.
  • Use RECENT ALERTS to search for specific alerts or review the recent alerts that have been sent by date and subject line.
  • To receive alerts in your email inbox or via text message, use EDIT MY PROFILE.
  • For email delivery, ensure that RECEIVE EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS is checked.
  • To enable text message notifications, provide a mobile phone number, select RECEIVE ALERTS VIA TEXT MESSAGE and agree to our text terms and conditions and then Submit.
  • You’ll soon receive a text message on your mobile device. Respond with the enrollment code provided in the message to complete your text alert enrollment.

Controlling Permissions and Accounts with Admin Manager

  • Select ADMIN MANAGER and then USERS to see the screen where you control the permissions and accounts assigned to each user. Initially, you’ll be presented with your user record, the services you are authorized to access and the administrative permissions you have the authority to work with.
  • To see other users, select them from the drop-down menu. Depending on the responsibilities of a particular user you may see only a few assigned services or permissions. If it is a brand-new user, you may see none.
  • Services are assigned to each user based on the settings of each service tab. Administrative permissions are also controlled here.
    • To add areas of responsibility for a user, open the tab that controls the function this user should be able to access. For example, if you want a user to be able to view account balance and transaction information, click VIEW ACCESS to the ON position. You can turn any of the accounts on or off individually. Saving the setting adds the new service to the user record.
  • Use the ACTIONS menu to do routine maintenance. From here you can edit, delete or clone users, lock out users who are on vacation, or leave and reset passwords.
  • Use ADD A NEW USER to define the permissions and settings that will control a new user’s access. Provide user information, and check if you want this user to be an Admin. Click SAVE to register the user and assign permissions.

User Settings

Managing your profile information is as easy as clicking on your username.

  • EDIT MY PROFILE opens the user information stored by the system. From here you can edit your user information.
  • SECURITY is where you manage and make changes to your password, site verification image and security questions.
  • Under CONTACT INFORMATION, you’ll find checkboxes that enable email or text notifications.
  • If you enable text message notifications, you’ll be asked for additional information. Enter your mobile phone number, permit alerts via text messages and agree to the terms and conditions. Submit to save any changes.
  • MANAGE ALERTS takes you to the same screen you’d reach by selecting ALERTS within the main menu. From here you can make changes to the account notifications you receive.
  • In the RESOURCE CENTER, you’ll find helpful information, bank documents and other online resources.
  • The MESSAGE CENTER is a secure email system we use for communicating with you. You’ll find email style-messages, bulletins announcing bank events and notifications of transactions awaiting your approval.
  • We recommend that you always log out when you are finished with your online banking.