The Securities-Backed Line of Credit (SBLOC) offers your clients a strategic approach to financial liquidity. The SBLOC allows your clients to easily unleash the value of their investment portfolio while encompassing both their personal and business needs.

Simply using the eligible marketable securities held in their investment portfolio the SBLOC provides financial liquidity without disrupting your client’s financial goals or investment strategies and without creating unexpected tax consequences.

The SBLOC is an interest-only line of credit that has no fees and is available to individuals, trusts and business entities. The SBLOC simply provides financial flexibility


SBLOC funds can be used to finance: real estate; college tuition; a luxury item; or, almost any personal or business need

  • Minimum line of credit:
  • Maximum line of credit:
  • No income verification for individuals
  • Minimum 660 FICO score
  • Available to individuals, trusts & entities