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California is about people working together to achieve things greater than themselves.  Businesses that create shared prosperity and opportunity. Communities that foster connection and universal respect. Organizations that improve the lives of people in need.

As California’s Business Bank, we partner with many service organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to help them achieve those goals, through the BANC Foundation. We donate to them. We lend to them. And our employees enthusiastically volunteer in their initiatives.

Banc of California Unveils a $4.1 Billion Plan to Benefit the Communities We Serve

Banc of California has announced an expansive $4.1 billion, three-year Community Benefits Plan in connection with our transformational merger with Pacific Western Bank. This plan was developed in collaboration with community stakeholders, including Rise Economy, with the goal of improving the lives of low-income and BIPOC communities and making a meaningful and positive impact in the areas served by the combined institution.

The plan will become effective only upon consummation of the proposed merger, which remains subject to satisfaction of closing conditions, including receipt of required stockholder and regulatory approvals and the concurrent closing of a $400 million equity capital raise.

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Benefits Plan

Our Commitment To Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Board of Directors and management believe that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a critical element in building a healthy and sustainable franchise over the long term. Our goal is to bring value to all of our employees, clients, shareholders, and the communities we serve. Through various initiatives, we seek to make a positive impact on our communities, embrace diversity, provide a supportive and inclusive workplace environment, and act in environmentally conscious ways.


Corporate Responsibility

We Proudly Support The Charities We Serve

We are focused on California and proudly invest, lend and volunteer in the communities we serve, donating our dollars, time and resources to organizations that align with our mission and vision of being California’s Business Bank. In
developing meaningful partnerships with a broad array of organizations, we serve our diverse population and make a positive impact through financial literacy. affordable housing, community services and economic growth. We build
impactful relationships with local businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to empower their financial success.


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Banc Foundation Stats
Banc Foundation Stats
Banc Foundation Stats

"Food Finders is mobilizing during this unique health crisis to provide shelf-stable food items to our partner pantries and shelters that are remaining open to serve people in need. Banc of California’s generous funding will ensure that we can help address the demand. We encourage everyone to donate and we are grateful for every dollar donated.”

Patti Larson
Executive Director, Food Finders