Cyber attacks target businesses and individuals to steal assets, disrupt operations and destroy reputations.

An evolving danger to organizations, employees and consumers, they can harm your business by exposing sensitive information or extorting money. Cyber attacks are increasing at a rapid pace, and you need to educate yourself on ways to prevent an attack on yourself and your business.

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Essential Elements Of A Culture Of Cyber Readiness

You – The Leader: Drive cyber security strategy, investment and cyber and internet culture. Your awareness of the basic risks drives actions and activities that build and sustain a culture of cyber security.

Your Staff – The Users: Develop security awareness and vigilance. Your staff are your first line of defense. They should continuously grow their skills through cyber security training and cyber security readiness.

Your Systems – Operations: Protect critical assets, applications and sensitive information. Information is the lifeblood of any business and is often the most valuable of a business’s intangible assets. Know where this information resides, know what applications and networks store and process that information, and build security into and around these.

Your Surroundings – Digital Workspace: Ensure only those who belong on your digital workspace have access, and monitor for suspicious activity. Setting approved access to your digital environment controls who operates on your systems and with what level of authorization and accountability.

Your Data – What the Business Is Built On: Make backups and avoid the loss of information critical to operations. Even the best security measures can be circumvented. Learn to protect your information where it is stored, processed and transmitted. Have a contingency plan to recover systems, networks and data from known, accurate backups.

Your Ability to Recover: Limit damage and quicken restoration of normal operations with a strategy for responding to and recovering from compromise. Plan, prepare for and conduct drills for cyber attacks as you would a fire. This requires having established procedures and plans and communicating during a crisis.

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