BANC Foundation Community Service

The whole point of a community is that everyone matters.

With more than 30 locations throughout Southern California, we serve rural, suburban and urban communities. And what they need matters to us.


We help communities by providing resources… financial and human. And as one of the premier local responsible lenders, we work with a wide range of organizations and government programs to promote economic growth in our communities.

But we’re also there for populations that need more than financing. We support social services organizations dedicated to feeding the hungry, providing financial literacy and career training programs and supporting community services and social programs. 

And what we’re most proud of is that our employees are actively engaged in many community service projects, as hands-on volunteers.


Because the well-being of our communities matters to them.

“As a former banking executive, I am privileged to work with Banc of California and the financial services community to provide free career training and placement to highly motivated individuals in our communities who simply lack resources and access to opportunity.”

Neal Mendelsohn
JVS SoCal, Chief Strategy Officer