BANC Foundation financial literacy

Knowledge is the most powerful tool for advancing financial well-being.

Every financial decision, large or small, makes a difference over time. Knowing what the options are and understanding the impact of each is the key to financial well-being.

We provide educational tools and resources to people of all ages, from pre-K to adulthood. As California’s Business Banc, we’re uniquely positioned to provide financial education in local communities. In 2015, we set two Guinness World Records® for Financial Literacy Training Teaching 6,000 At-Risk Youths, the largest Financial Literacy training ever done. We have the tools to connect economic concepts with practical money management skills and a network of partners who are committed to promoting financial literacy for people of all ages and learning abilities.

We partner with those organizations to help teach the fundamentals to children and help adults understand the more complex concepts of financial management and wealth building.

We do it because we’re about financial empowerment. And where money is concerned, knowledge is power.

“It’s a sad reality for many children that their entire future could be affected by the ZIP code where they grew up. All students at Crete Academy have the opportunity to succeed and thrive, despite their circumstances. One day, the cycle of poverty will end, and these students who were once homeless or living in poverty will be leaders of the world. That’s why we begin talking to our students about the benefits of a college degree when they’re in kindergarten, and we designed a program to get them there.”

H. Mitchell
Founder, Crete Academy

“Through Banc of California’s donation, we have been able to serve over 100 families so far this year and provide free financial education courses in language to both students and adults. Our participants leave our programs equipped & empowered to build generational wealth.”

Joshua Rincon
Program Director, Instituto de Avance Latino CDC