Joining California Communities in the Cause to End Homelessness

In 1983, Reverend Charles Orr and his wife Claire reached out to their community for help and ideas to address homelessness in Southern California. PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) was born on December 8, 1983, when 60 people accepted that challenge, came together and took the first steps toward helping the growing number of homeless in hundreds of neighborhoods. Founded in 1984, PATH has become the largest nonprofit organization working to end homelessness for individuals, families and veterans in California communities.

“I keep waking up, not really believing this is where we live now. After a decade of being homeless, I have a bed to sleep in and a kitchen I can cook in.”

Formerly Homeless, and a PATH Success Story

Supporting PATH aligns with Banc of California’s corporate mission to engage in community service and help serve those in need, especially our homeless. We are proud to join other PATH supporters, and by coming together, we’re able to reach out to the communities we serve with support, contributions and programs. PATH provides housing and homeless services in 150 California cities and serves twenty percent of the state’s homeless population in areas from Sacramento to San Diego.
PATH’s message of hope to those who are homeless or at risk—families, individuals and veterans—is to “find your path home.” PATH envisions a world where every person has a home. Over the past five years, PATH has helped more than 13,000 individuals move into permanent homes. Across the state, they help people find permanent housing and provide case management, medical and mental healthcare, benefits advocacy and employment training, as well as other services to help them maintain a stable home life.

Path tenant


PATH building

As a community-based California business bank, Banc of California strives to help build strong and prosperous communities throughout California. Joining forces with organizations like PATH and other local entities, we can make a difference in the homeless problem. PATH not only helps the homeless move into permanent homes, but also to stay in their new homes long-term. The contributions PATH receives from corporate donors helps to create and maintain the programs that build homes, find a home for someone and provide hands-on job training and ongoing life skills. We’re proud to help PATH with their mission.

“We grew from serving a few communities on the Westside of Los Angeles to helping more than 140 cities across the state,” says Joel John Roberts, CEO of PATH. “We are more than just a charity that helps people. We are a social change organization advancing a movement for a better future. We stand for our neighbors who are living on the streets, whose lives depend on us.”