Tourette Association of America Southern California Chapter


Camp George is a summertime family sleep-away camp in Simi Valley, California, that welcomes children ages seven to seventeen with Tourette Syndrome, as well as their parents or guardians.

Sponsored by the TAA SoCal, Camp George is part of the ongoing effort to bring the community together through education, advocacy and the creation and sponsorship of events.



Each summer, the experienced and enthusiastic staff and counselors at Camp George put together a three-day, four-night program for the attendees. The fun-filled, interactive days and evenings feature activities for every ability level and every attendee.

As a family camp, while the kids are enjoying the outdoors with new friends, parents and guardians are offered seminars in the areas of educational advocacy, medical advancements, and also provided emotional support group discussions. Most importantly, children find acceptance and build confidence in who they are and what they can achieve.

By supporting Camp George, Banc of California partners with the Tourette Association of America Southern California Chapter (“TAA SoCal”) to provide community experience for families that deal with Tourette Syndrome on a daily basis. Kids, along with their families, share experiences, make new friendships and gain confidence that they can achieve their goals in life.

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“Most people with Tourette Syndrome will lead productive lives,” explains Eric McGowan, TAA SoCal Executive Director. “There are no barriers to achievement in their personal and professional lives, and you will find people with Tourette Syndrome in all walks of life. At Camp George, the kids can learn what it feels like to be part of a community and have a great time in the process. For many, Camp George may be the first time they can be themselves in public without feeling self-conscious, as well as experience a genuinely supportive community where they can find their identity.”

With financial support and personal involvement, Banc of California helps Camp George to create a safe environment where kids truly feel like they belong and are able to have a traditional summer sleep away camp experience, which may not normally be available to them.  We support TAA SoCal and Camp George’s goal to provide education and support directly to the Tourette Syndrome community here in Southern California, and empower its attendees to go back into their community with the confidence and skills necessary to increase the understanding about and provide tolerance of those with Tourette Syndrome.


As a community partner of Camp George and TAA SoCal, we will continue to expand our partnerships with organizations that strengthen our communities and that have a significant positive impact on future generations of Californians.

We are a proud Camp George donor and honored to have one of our own members serve on the board of TAA SoCal, knowing that this unique Camp George experience promotes a supportive and community feel for the kids and their families that attend.