Human Rights Statement

Banc of California is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, respecting human rights and supporting the protections and advancement of human rights. We are guided by our core values of honesty and ethics that reinforce our culture of always striving to do the right thing.

Our commitment to identify, prevent, mitigate, and monitor non-compliance with this statement is further embodied in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (Ethics Code) and Whistleblower Policy that has been approved by our Board of Directors. The Ethics Code requires all directors and employees of the Company to adhere to high ethical standards and addresses, among other items, compliance with laws, rules, and regulations; personal conduct; and conflicts of interest. Our Whistleblower Policy provides a forum where our teammates can be proactive in detecting and preventing violations of law, regulations, and policies. In addition, we do not tolerate retaliatory action against any employee who has, in good faith, reported an alleged violation or other improper action.

We strive to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all for all employees by conducting business in accordance with all labor, wage and hour, safety, health, anti-discrimination and other workplace laws. We offer equal employment opportunity and advancement to all individuals and do not tolerate harassment or discrimination, including discrimination based on disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation. In addition, we prohibit the use of forced labor or child labor of any kind. Employment decisions are based on merit, qualifications and abilities. We have mandatory compliance training for all employees which includes ethics, anti-corruption and fair and responsible business practices. Every employee also receives our Company Policies and Employee Guide that covers our labor policies. We also prioritize our team member health & wellness by hosting wellness sessions throughout the year.

Our employee-led Inclusion, Diversity, Engagement, and Awareness (IDEA) Council enables employees to feel inspired to voice their ideas for the betterment of Banc of California. The IDEA Council helps bring together voices and ideas to help fuel and foster a culture of diversity, openness and inclusion in all we do. They work closely with our Human Resources department to ensure our recruitment and talent development efforts promote an environment of inclusion and reflect the communities we serve.

We strive to work with vendors whose policies and practices are consistent with our own, and expect them to follow our policies and practices, including this Human Rights Statement, where applicable. In addition, we set out clear expectations and requirements for our vendors in their management of human rights and other key areas in our Supplier Code of Conduct. We are committed, wherever possible, to source products and services from providers who respect human rights ethics, and have responsible policies and practices.

Banc of California and the Banc Foundation support many community organizations by donating, lending, and volunteering. Through our employees, we serve on the boards of nonprofit organizations that promote the interest of social initiatives that impact our communities. These include alleviating hunger, reducing homelessness, advancing financial security and education, and providing financial and legal services to individuals in need.

This statement is made available to our organization to create awareness about our commitments and to be transparent and accountable to our stakeholders.