Empowering the Physical and Financial Well-Being of California’s Youth

Born and raised in New Jersey, and the owner of San Diego-based personal training gym Chasing Fitness, Jason Perry relocated to California after he was drafted by the then San Diego Chargers. Following his NFL career, Jason made San Diego his home and started to pursue his own business interests in personal training.

Jason’s relationship with Banc of California began when he learned about the Bank’s robust financial literacy program. Being involved in multiple local youth community efforts himself, Jason felt that a partnership between Chasing Fitness and Banc of California would be the perfect fit. “It’s very important that Banc of California is doing the things they are doing in the community. That is one of the things that drew me to Banc of California, because it holds a special spot in my heart.”

Jason relies on the Bank to help his business run smoothly and seamlessly, allowing him to focus on his clients. “The customer service that Banc of California provides is great. My Relationship Manager, William, allows me to really focus on my business and my clients while he does a lot of the behind-the-scenes paperwork, enabling me to be more efficient. Banc of California has helped me along the way, and I am excited about the things that are to come.”

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About Chasing fitness

Jason Perry is the owner of Chasing Fitness, a San Diego-based personal training gym. Raised in New Jersey, Jason relocated to San Diego when he was drafted into the NFL by the San Diego Chargers. Following his NFL career, Jason made California his home and began to pursue his own business in personal training, which he describes as a natural transition from football.