Empowering a Neighborhood Restaurant to Continue Their Legacy

COVID-19 restrictions created a significant disruption to Fristto Misto, a family owned restaurant. Seeking help from a PPP loan unfortunately only complicated things further…until they connected with Banc of California. Their Relationship Banker was able to provide personalized guidance and an efficient application process for them during unprecedented times. Ludmilla Kerr believes that the Banc of California Difference is the people who work there. “I actually have a person and a face that is attached to the business card, and I treasure our relationship.”

Fritto Misto is committed to ensuring their employees are happy. They strive to create a family-like atmosphere where team members are comfortable and want to stay for many years. This way, recurring customers see familiar happy faces that greet them by name every time they return.

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About Fritto Misto

Fritto Misto is a family-owned Italian Restaurant located in Santa Monica and Hermosa Beach, California. The principles of Fritto Misto are simple: providing customers with high-quality Italian food at reasonable prices and with excellent service and care.