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The professionals at Lanco Exchange Services, Inc. need the highest level of confidence and trust in their financial institution, which is why they count on Banc of California.

Lanco plays a key role in highly specialized 1031 real estate transactions for their clients. Their clients sell one property in anticipation of purchasing a new one and must follow a strict set of rules.

Reed Feist, Lanco president, explains that the Banc of California relationship is critical to their operations and success. “We strive to deliver personalized service to our clients, and Banc of California helps us do that.”

Lanco Director of Operations Lisa Feist points to the personalized attention she receives as the key. “Banc of California is about relationships, not deposits and transactions,” she explains. “When I call with a question, I talk to my Relationship Banker every time. That makes a difference.”

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About Lanco Exchange

Lanco Exchange assists clients with specialized real estate transactions called 1031 exchanges. The executives at Lanco pride themselves on delivering personalized service to clients, which not only means being responsive, but also being protective of their clients’ funds while on deposit and during wire transfers.