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Bodie has placed significant emphasis on supporting the local community through his businesses. They strive to have socially sustainable businesses that donate back to the community and that are environmentally conscious. To that end, they focus exclusively on organic and primarily fair-trade products. “We want to be a responsible member of the community and have a business that is engaged in helping the local community and helping make the world a little bit better.”

His relationship with Banc of California has helped to make his day-to-day life running his business easier, allowing him to focus on growth and expansion. “Having Laura as a personal banker has made that aspect of my business much simpler. I can go in and ask them about anything I need and Laura takes the hassle out of things…. Saving someone in business an hour of their day is a big deal…because you have a million directions you need to go.”

Bodie is currently working on an expansion of the Lost Bean® , with plans to open a few more stores. “Banc of California has a focus on customer service in a way that I didn’t find at other banks.”

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About Bodie Rasmussen

Bodie Rasmussen had always dreamed of owning his own coffee shop and turned that dream into a reality when he opened the Lost Bean, an organic coffee and tea shop located in Tustin. “My goal is to be highly engaged in the communities that we are in…and to try to use coffee as a means of bringing people together.” In 2011, six years after opening the doors of the Lost Bean, Bodie expanded his business into a wine bar just next door called the Lost Vine.