Empowering Entrepreneurs to Invest in California

Victor believes it’s in helping others that we find our greatest successes. He is proud to be a part of California’s entrepreneurial culture. “I was born and raised in San Diego, and it’s real important to me to feel like I’m giving back. It makes me feel good that we’re staying in California, that we’re growing in California, that we have banks like Banc of California that are willing to help us out, willing to do whatever they can to make sure that we’re successful.”

His relationship with Banc of California provides the resources he needs to make a difference in the lives of other entrepreneurs. “Banc of California has been there for a lot of stuff. They actually do care about having you succeed. They allow you to succeed. They find ways to make things happen, and that is crucial.”

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About Victor Saldamando

Victor Saldamando is a “serial entrepreneur” on a mission to empower California business owners. As a business consultant, angel investor and venture capitalist, he helps people make the right decisions for their businesses by giving them the mentorship and support they need. “It comes down to basically believing in people and making sure they believe in themselves.” Victor now works with dozens of companies around the world, and he trusts Banc of California to be there when he needs them most. “Todd, my relationship manager, is a great representative of the bank. Whenever I’m out of the country and I need something, I can always send him an email or a text and he is on the spot, making things happen.”