Send payment instructions, and receive transactional and balance information, without logging in to Online Banking.

Save time and effort by handling payments internally.

Where applicable, Integrated Payables Solutions enable you to conduct your banking tasks on your own system, so you never have to re-engineer your processes to fit our rules. And it works with data you’ve already entered, saving you time and making it easier to automate your processes.

Use your preferred format.

We offer multiple payment file format types via Secure File Transmission, ACH, Wire and Account Transfers for money movement. We also provide prior-day balance and transactional reporting.

Learn about payment fraud and how to help prevent it.

10 Ways to Guard Against Payment Fraud

Payment Fraud is difficult to detect, but there are measures you can take to help prevent it. Here, you can learn what they are and what to do about them.

Protect your business against payment fraud

How To Help Guard
Against Payment Fraud