Convert collections into cash faster, decrease payment processing costs and reduce the risk of internal fraud.

Lockbox is a service that simplifies collection and processing of accounts receivable by having those organizations’ customer payments mailed directly to a location accessible by the bank.

Simplify your collections process.

By directing customer checks and remittances to a P.O. box where mail is collected several times each day, you can reduce the time it takes to deposit checks.

The same day a deposit is processed, copies of the checks and remittances along with payment information are available through Business Online Pro Banking. If needed, payment data can also be integrated with your accounts receivable system. Lockbox also offers encryption on data image transmission and image CD-ROMs.

You’re in control.

View and save images of check payments, remittance documents and other correspondence received at any of your lockboxes online. Multiple reports and stop payments* are also available.

You can download Detail and Summary reports in Excel®, PDF, CSV, and HTML formats with standard and custom search capabilities, daily, weekly or monthly. Reports are also available on CD-ROM and DVD, and physical paper can be returned to you.

Choose the lockbox solution that works best for your business:

Wholesale Lockbox

Ideal for smaller-volume, larger-amount deposits and nonstandard invoices.

Retail/Wholesale Lockbox

Designed for larger-volume, smaller-amount deposits and scannable coupons.

Remote Capture Lockbox

Scan payments, upload images and track balances and transactions, and access them through an easy-to-use application.

Property Management Lockbox

For property management companies, we offer lockboxes that accommodate up to 200 HOAs.* A master file displays check payments with Stop, Accept, Name and Address and offers Smart Lookup functions.

*Fees may apply.