Empowering Businesses to Make a Difference in California’s Communities

The family recently acquired La Mascota Bakery and Café, a neighborhood bakery in Boyle Heights with a rich history going back to 1952. They have converted the struggling restaurant into a thriving business. The newly refurbished bakery and café is well respected in the neighborhood and is making a large impact on the community. As Patricia explains, “The community has a lot of homeless shelters and churches who are reaching out to us for help. We give them bread. It comes out of our hearts. Our employees are kind to anyone coming in off the street. We help any way we can.” The relationship they have developed with their Banc of California team allows them to develop greater opportunities for their business, as well as the communities they serve.

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La Mascota

“Banc of California has been an amazing partner with us throughout the whole process. We want to continue working with them.”

– Patricia Aparicio