Empowering Captain Salas to Build a World-class Whale-watching Cruise Line

Captain Salas says that he chose Banc of California because he needed a partner that would buy into his vision. His Relationship Manager Pete Winfield took the time to get to know him and his business and understand his needs and future goals. Captain Salas believes that in business, relationships are of the utmost importance. “I look at the bank as a partnership, as a relationship, we need to work together to grow. They’ve more than proven themselves to me as a bank that is truly involved in my business and wants us to succeed.”

Harbor Breeze Cruises has been providing public whale-watching, world port and charter cruises for over 18 years in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Captain Dan Salas was able to expand his fleet and currently owns eight modern vessels. Their double-deck sightseeing boats provide some of the finest opportunities to view and learn about California’s local sea life. All of their vessels are also eco-friendly and low-emission.

Empower Your Business Today

“The power that we have now with Banc of California… it’s not only making our dreams come true — it’s providing jobs for a lot of new employees, and it’s given us the power to move forward.”

– Captain Dan Salas