Improving banking experience for a community leader.

A key to the agency’s success is a constant emphasis on improving efficiencies and streamlining processes. They created a full-time operations team, established new standard operating procedures and developed an internal training program. JetFuel.Agency also strives to improve their community through their apprenticeship program and by donating to causes that help eliminate child hunger, improve education and increase opportunities for all.

When the pandemic hit, JetFuel.Agency initially pulled back on many projects and marketing plans. The agency was interested in a Paycheck Protection Program loan but was wary of getting lost in the bureaucracy of a big bank. Banc of California was the perfect fit and solution. Proactive and efficient, the Banc helped them obtain the PPP funding they needed, keeping them in the loop the entire process. Now, the banking relationship is supported by a variety of checking and saving accounts and services.

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“Banc of California has an unmatched personal level of service. You’d have to be a Fortune 500 at a major bank to get that kind of attention. Our Banc of California Relationship Manager is a total rock star—proactive, service focused, and in touch always.”

– Edwin Choi