Changing the game for a game-changer.

Kristy’s practice offers general dentistry care with an emphasis on esthetics, using an approach she describes as “providing quality care in a relaxed environment.” She places treating her patients with excellent care above making money. And as often as possible, she gives to the community, providing free dental exams and cleanings to foster kids and others in need.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, forcing Kristy to shut her office and put her employees on furlough. A patient suggested she reach out to a nearby Banc of California office for help with the Paycheck Protection Plan program. She did, and a Bank Relationship Manager guided her step-by-step, remotely, through the entire PPP application, simplifying an intimidating process. Better yet, she obtained the funds to help her business through that stressful time. Now, Banc of California continues to be there as she gets her practice back on track.

Empower Your Business Today

“The personal attention I received at Banc of California was special, and different. That just never would have happened at a big bank. Everyone associated with Banc of California has been personable, friendly and good at what they do. From the very start, they treated me like I was a VIP, taking time to do everything right, right from the very beginning.”

– Kristy Vetter