Providing support for a community leader.

The LEARN mission and actions are guided by their core values, starting with a firm belief that all children—and their families—can thrive through constant support and guidance, and strategic partnerships. LEARN has provided services to nearly 200,000 elementary and high school students, some who have returned as employees to assist students in the school districts they themselves came from.

The COVID-19 pandemic initially forced LEARN to lay off about 250 of their employees. Banc of California helped LEARN apply for a Paycheck Protection Program Loan quickly, and they were able to obtain fast funding. This much-need assistance allowed them to rehire all their employees and, more importantly, connect with their students and continue support through distance learning. Day to day, Banc of California provides LEARN with business direct deposits, staff payroll, and checking and money market accounts.

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“Banc of California, in a word, has always been ‘responsive.’ I always feel like they hear me clearly, and I have a wonderful working relationship with their entire staff. They are familiar, helpful and always reliable.”

– Robert Arellanes