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Receiving over 1,350 calls and transporting over 600 people to the hospital each day, Los Angeles Fire Department first responders face countless challenges. Firefighters must endure searing heat, exposure to carcinogens and other life-threatening conditions as they tackle wildfires, car accidents, train wrecks, hazardous material spills and other dangerous issues.

Since 2010, the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation has been supporting the LAFD in protecting lives, property and the environment by providing essential equipment, training and public outreach programs to supplement city resources, with only four percent of the department’s budget allocated to purchasing essential equipment, new technology and training resources.

Banc of California has partnered with the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation to adopt individual fire stations, providing them with the essential equipment they need on a daily basis. In addition to funding assistance, we also provide volunteer hours and have representatives from the bank who serve on their board.

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“Banc of California has been a great partner with us at the Foundation in terms of fulfilling our needs to support the Los Angeles Fire Department.”

– Liz Lin, President of the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation