Empowering Family Businesses by Nurturing Relationships

The Altshule Family and Outdoor Products bring nearly five decades of knowledge and experience in the outdoor and sporting goods industry, providing value and quality gear for all facets of an adventurous life. Since their start, Outdoor Products has stood by the philosophy of “Quality + Value + Customer Feedback = Success” throughout the years, and they continue to stand by those values as they expand and grow as a leader in the industry.

Just like Banc of California, Outdoor Products places a high emphasis on the importance of relationships and their value. When searching for a bank to assist them with their next step, Outdoor Products was looking for a like-size and like-minded bank that would share their values and ethics and found it with Banc of California.

Empower Your Business Today

“I am very, very grateful to Banc of California for coming through—not when it was easy, but when it counted.”

– Andrew Altshule