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Looking for a new kind of banking partnership, Shaun began his relationship with Banc of California at the suggestion of his wife. “She was excited about working with them, and I said, ‘Well, I’m tired of my bank. I’m going over to give these guys a try.’ I feel like they really do understand my business. They’ve given me the top-of-the-line service I’m looking for in my bank that I never got anywhere else.” The relationship Shaun and his team have developed with Banc of California offers them opportunities to be innovators in their industry while expanding their business.

Shaun feels it’s important to stay true to his roots by building in the community. “We love being here in California, we love working in California and we support California just as Banc of California does. We feel that our values are aligned in a lot of ways, and that’s what we want in our bank.”

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“Every time I go in there, I feel it’s like family…it’s just a great place to be.”

– Shaun Bryant