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As one of the top freestyle motocross riders in the world, Lance Coury Jr. has always been pushing his limits, both on the bike and in business.

Growing up watching his father craft a successful business that allowed him to provide for his family doing what he loved, he was inspired and felt the need to do the same. He chose to follow in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps and create a business of his own around his love of motorcycles: THRASHIN® Supply.

One key piece of advice handed down from father to son was to work with Banc of California. As Lance Jr. puts it, “Working with Banc of California is almost like having a CFO in your company.”
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About Lance Coury Jr.

Lance has been competitively riding motorcycles since 1995. He got his first motorcycle when he was four years old and has been pushing the limits ever since. Today, Lance is one of the top freestyle motocross riders in the world.