Establish and control ACH payment parameters or automatically block ACH debits.

Business Online and Business Online Pro provides a wide range of self-service banking capabilities with advanced fraud prevention features. You can enhance your account’s security with two optional tools:

ACH Positive Pay enables you to establish and control acceptable sender parameter profiles for payments. The service sends an electronic alert before executing an ACH debit outside the parameters you provide. You can then decide to either pay or return the invoice. If you do not, the system will default to returning it.

You can also review and update authorized debits for current and future transactions. ACH anti-fraud services include features to help avoid inadvertently rejecting authorized ACH payments.

ACH Block allows you to block all ACH debits from being posted to your account. All blocked transactions will be returned to the originator automatically.

Learn about business email compromise and how to help guard against it.

ACH transactions are susceptible to fraudsters who use sophisticated techniques to acquire account credentials and use scams or account takeovers to steal funds and transfer them out of the country.

Fraud threats like Business Email Compromise (BEC) are always evolving.

To learn about the latest schemes, visit the FBI and FinCen websites.

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