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Check fraud is a scam in which a scammer impersonates a vendor, sends a bad check for more than you’ve billed and then asks you to wire the overage to a third party. This scam often includes a reason for the overpayment and an immediate need for the reimbursement.

Banc of California Check Positive Pay helps identify fraudulent checks by matching check issue information against checks presented for clearing. 

You’ll receive an electronic notification alert when we find discrepancies between check issue information you provide and checks presented. Then you can decide to either forward the payment or return the check.

Check Positive Pay is accessed via our online banking system, and issues can be uploaded via online banking or via SFTP. Check issue information is available to the teller system in real time.

Add a second security layer with Payee Match service.

Available as an optional add-on, Payee Match provides a second security layer to our standard Positive Pay with Payee name matching. When we find discrepancies between the payee name you provided and the payee name field on a presented check, you’ll receive an electronic notification alert that requires you to decide whether to pay or return the item. If you do not respond to the alert, the system will default to returning it.

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Payment Fraud is difficult to detect, but there are measures you can take to help prevent it. Here, you can learn what they are and what to do about them.

To learn about the latest schemes, visit the FBI and FinCen websites.

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